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Facilitating Successful Purchases And Sales For You

Real estate is one of the most significant financial investments of your life. Whether you are purchasing a home or selling one, you stand to lose a great deal of money if you do not have counsel to advocate for your rights and ensure the process goes smoothly.

Whether you are making a purchase or a sale, you can turn to MacLean and Ema, P.A., for representation throughout your transaction. Since 1974, we have served clients throughout the Gold Coast with a variety of aspects relating to residential real estate law.

Buying A Home?

Not every seller, realtor or real estate company is scrupulous. Our real estate attorneys uphold your rights throughout every step of a sale to make sure no one takes advantage of you and prevent expensive mistakes. We can review the purchase agreement and other contracts to ensure there is no language that compromises your rights. Before the closing process, we assist with title searches and other title issues so you can close quickly.

Selling A Home?

Likewise, we work with you if you are selling a home to prevent difficulties, resolve challenges and help you understand your obligations. Ultimately, we want to set you up for a profitable sale. We are familiar with the many complications that can arise, such as title defects, liens and other roadblocks that could throw off your real estate transaction. In addition, we can implement proactive steps to minimize your future exposure.

Discuss Your Transaction With An Attorney

When so much is at stake, it is crucial that you have a team like ours at MacLean and Ema, P.A., to represent you during a residential transaction. Learn how we can serve you by contacting our Pompano Beach office and scheduling an initial consultation. Please call us at 954-785-1900 or send us an email.